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Our Meeting Packages, Victory Hotel

Our Meeting Packages

Do you want to book a package with food and drinks for your meeting?

We offer meeting packages with coffee, lunch and dinner so you can keep up the energy level and motivation throughout the day

Our Meeting Packages at Victory Conference

The Skipper´s Half Day Package

If you reserve this package you either start or end your meeting with our tasty lunch. Morning or afternoon coffee with sandwich or sweets is also included.

The Sailor´s Day Package

If you reserve the Sailor´s Day Package you will be welcomed with tea and coffee in the morning. Sandwiches, lunch and sweets will be served during the day according to your wishes.

The Admiral´s Dinner Package

If you reserve the Admiral´s Dinner Package we will offer you an entire day of meeting experiences including food and drinks from the morning until the evening. Coffee, lunch and dinner with an optional wine package is included.

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