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Our block around Victory Hotel has become something of a culinary oasis. Steer in this direction to enjoy exciting food and drink experiences. In 2010, our restaurant Djuret opened at the Victory Hotel and in 2013, our comfortable and award winning bar Tweed and Burgundian wine bar the Burgundy, moved in as well. Walk just a few more steps along Yxsmedsgränd and you will find our gastropub Pubologi, which was awarded a Bib Gourmand by Guide Michelin in 2014 for the third time running. This honour is only awarded to restaurants serving excellent food at a reasonable price. 2017 we opened our newest restaurant Flickan, where we we serve a dinner experience freed from both conservatism and gastronomic conventions.If you, just like we do, want everything with extra of everything and to taste our entire gastronomic block under one single night you can book a walking dinner. This means that you under this evening eat at The Burgundy, Flickan Pubologi, Djuret and Tweed. Welcome to enjoy exciting food and drink experiences with us!

Bakfickan Djuret, Victory Hotel

Bakfickan Djuret

What is Djuret? The most exceptional of the seasons animals from land and sea is the base for our menu. This set menu consists of three produce respecting courses where each animal and produce meets its specific cooking technique to give its maximum gastronomic expression. Exceptional animals and other produce is seldom found in large quantities so the menu is updated continuously.

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Pubologi, Victory Hotel


Pubologi is our interpretation of a modern and innovative bistro. In this comfortable, snug and intimate restaurant in the heart of Stockholm we serve thematic menus that changes in parallell with the produces every season has to offer. With our firm gastronomic conviction we cook food for our 24 seats totally without limitations with the finest produce from sea and land.

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Flickan, Victory Hotel


At Flickan´s eight kitchen counter seats we serve our dinner experience freed from both conservatism and gastronomic conventions.

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Tweed Bar, Victory Hotel

Tweed Bar

Tweed is the name of our wonderful and comfortable bar. Beyond the dining rooms of Djuret, our cosy drinking parlour nestles like a warm inner pocket. Take a moment to relax in this tweed-clad lounge, place yourself in one of our fine Chesterfield armchairs and indulge in a drink or two.

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The Burgundy, Victory Hotel

The Burgundy

In our gastronomic block in the heart of Stockholm lies our Bistro Food Court. The menu consists of a selection of our present favourite dishes from our restaurants in the block.

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