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Den här lokalen är uppkallad efter segern i Köpenhamn 1801. Lord Nelson hamnade i ett mycket svårt läge och fick flaggorder om reträtt.

About Copenhagen

This conference room is for smaller groups and is nicely decorated with models of ships and other interesting maritime objects, such as the pretty little boxes made from sea shells. It was in Copenhagen that Lord Nelson refused to obey the order to retreat. Instead he moved his blind eye to the telescope and said ”I really do not see the signal”.

Facts about Copenhagen

Room size: 4,0*7,8 m (31 m2)

Floor plan

  • Theatre 26 seats
  • Boardroom 14 seats
  • Classroom 16 seats
  • U-shape 16 seats


  • Whiteboard 1,95*1,26 m
  • Projector screen 1,50*1,48 m
  • LCD projector
  • Flip chart


Call us on 08–506 400 20 or email konferens@victoryhotel.se to book!


Image from Victory Hotel – Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden Image from Victory Hotel – Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden Image from Victory Hotel – Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden Image from Victory Hotel – Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden Image from Victory Hotel – Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden

Meeting Rooms at Victory Hotel


Size: 53 m2

Up to: 50 people

Victory was the name of Lord Nelson’s ship and this beautiful conference room has a mural on display, depicting the scene where the famous naval commander plans his last battle.

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Size: 46 m2

Up to: 40 people

It was in Naples it all began, one of the world’s most famous love stories – the one between admiral Lord Nelson and the married Lady Emma Hamilton.

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St Vincent

Size: 44 m2

Up to: 40 people

St Vincent is named after the battle against the Spanish fleet where Lord Nelson managed to board and take command of two Spanish ships.

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Size: 31 m2

Up to: 20 people

This room is named after the port town Portsmouth, located in the south of England and home to Lord Nelson’s flag ship HMS Victory.

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Size: 31 m2

Up to: 26 people

This room is named after Lord Nelson’s victory in Copenhagen in 1801. The admiral found himself in a very difficult position and was given the order to retreat.

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Size: 26 m2

Up to: 20 people

The battle of Aboukir was one of Lord Nelson’s most glorious victories. This is where Napoleon had to abandon his plans to conquer the Middle East.

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Burnham Thorpe

Size: 23 m2

Up to: 20 people

Lord Nelson was born in 1758 in Burnham Thorpe in England. Despite being a very sickly child, he went to sea at the tender age of 13.

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Size: 17 m2

Up to: 9 people

Our atmospheric vault from the 17th century is named after one of the towers that formed part of the oldest medieval city wall in Stockholm. Leijontornet was another.

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The Admiral´s Penthouse

Size: 14 m2

Up to: 6 people

More info soon!

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